Viewing E-Statements using Safari Browser

E-Statements Communication Center Error in Safari Browser

(Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, etc.)

Members using Apple devices may receive the following Communication Center Error message when attempting to view e-Statements.


Browser security settings are blocking cookies. To resolve the issue, a browser setting must be temporarily changed, the e-Statement site viewed once, and the setting can then be changed back, and it will continue to function properly thereafter.


  • Close the Safari Browser on the Device (if uncertain, reboot the device)

  • On the Apple Device, go into Settings…

  • Select Safari

  • Select the Block Cookies option (scroll down to the Privacy & Security Section) Figure A below.

  • Select Always Allow Figure B, below.

  • Go into On Line Banking and retrieve an E-Statement, it should now work.

  • Return to the Block Cookies Option and set it back to Allow from Websites I Visit – Figure C, below.

               Figure A                               Figure B                            Figure C.