Viewing Check Images in the Firefox browser

Some members using the Firefox browser may have an issue with displaying a check image in Online Banking.  When attempting to view a check image, you will see a blank white page with the check number at the top.

The fix for this is fairly simple. Here are the steps:

1) Open Firefox and click on the ‘Settings’ menu button. The button is in the top-right of the browser window and looks like three horizontal lines. When you click the settings button, a menu will appear. Click on ‘Options’ in that window.


2) A new window will open. This window will have a menu down the left side. Click on ‘Applications’. Capture2

3) In the center of the page, you will now see an applications list similar to this:


4) Type ‘PDF’ in the search box (Just below the word ‘Applications’).  Now you should see just one item in the applications list.


5) Click on the line to the right of “Portable Document Format”.  A menu should drop down. From this list, click on “Preview in Firefox”.


6) Close the settings tab by clicking on the ‘X’ next to its name at the top of the window.


7) Test by logging into Online Banking. You should now be able to see check images.