Our Values

Member Driven:

River Valley Credit Union is a member driven organization that has a long tradition of putting our members first. Every decision and every direction that the credit union chooses is influenced first by what is best for the member and the long term financial stability of the credit union.

Culture of Mutual Respect:

The standards by which we measure ourselves are based on how we provide internal and external service. There is a sense of mutual respect at every level and in every relationship with co-workers and members. .


The very premise of a member owned financial cooperative couldn’t exist without a very high level of honesty and integrity. This value is critical to providing confidential, trustworthy service to members and co-workers. Without integrity, the organization cannot function.


Open lines of communication are a priority at River Valley Credit Union. Communication among staff, with members, and with the public in general is considered a critical quality. We can never communicate enough, and the approach to communication at River Valley Credit Union is that it is an area that requires constant attention and vigilance.

A Higher Level of Performance:

The demand for high performance creates an atmosphere of accountability, and without it, a higher level of performance cannot be achieved. Teamwork is a critical element of high-level performance.

Positive Attitude:

No organization can thrive without a positive “can do” attitude. River Valley staff proves that obstacles can be overcome, positive change can be attained, and progress will occur. The spirit of the credit union is tied to enthusiasm, and it has proven to be a valuable commodity.

Community Involvement:

The credit union recognizes its place in the communities it serves and the social responsibility of being part of these communities. We strongly encourage community participation by all employees and volunteers.