Mortgage Rates

FIXED RATES: Purchase / with minimum 740 credit score

Minimum Mortgage Loan amount $50,000.00

Minimum Home Equities Loan amount $10,000.00

*15 Year2.625%13.037%
*15 Year 3.125%03.395%
*30 Year 3.125%13.355%
*30 Year3.375%03.526%
*10 Year3.000%03.390%
     *APR. Based on $100,000.00 loan and 80% LTV, home purchase.  Servicing Released. Rates: TODAY’S RATES ONLY,  and may be subject to change depending on your credit score and the value or appraisal of the property. If refinancing, rates may be different, please check with a loan officer. Rates can only be locked upon approval and appraisal of the property.













Adjustable Rates/ with minimum 680 credit score 

30 Year 3/1 ARM 4.50%04.637%
 30 Year 1/1 ARM4.00%04.133%
HOME EQUITY ADJUST4.00%0180 Months
CONSTRUCTION LOANS4.50%1 Point12 Months
 NOTE: Rates and terms may change. Please contact our Mortgage Department. We can assist you with a Mortgage Application and information. Call us TOLL FREE: (800) 728-5871


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