Employment Opportunities

River Valley Credit Union is an equal opportunity employer that currently employs a staff of approximately 55 individuals. Benefits at River Valley are excellent, and the pay scale is highly competitive. Employment qualifications are stringent, and include the following requirements:

  • Criminal background check
  • Credit history check
  • General background check

In addition, River Valley adheres to a strict dress code. Large visible tattoos are not acceptable and must be covered. Tattoos that cannot be reasonably covered must be small/discreet and of a tasteful nature that is at the discretion of management. River Valley Credit Union does not make allowances for visible body art, excessive piercings, or hair color outside the natural spectrum. The level of dress is less casual than most employers, and appearance standards are strictly enforced.

Although there are some specialized non-financial posts at River Valley, the majority of the positions require strong mathematical skills, and all positions require computer skills.

All positions require good people skills.

Confidentiality and adherence to stringent federal reporting and monitoring processes are extremely important at River Valley Credit Union.

Honesty and integrity standards are very high, with zero tolerance for breaches in confidentiality, business ethics and fairness. River Valley Credit Union has a strict code of ethics that the management team vigorously monitors.

River Valley Credit Union utilizes employee defined service standards that demand equal diligence for dealing with co-workers and our members. Service standards are a critical component for employees at River Valley Credit Union, and are continuously under review.

Employment at River Valley Credit Union is very rewarding, and along with that comes a much higher expectation of performance and professionalism. The general work culture at River Valley Credit Union is of great importance to the management team. Policies of continual scrutiny and review of the work environment are designed to maintain the excellent work culture that we enjoy.

Unsolicited résumés are kept on file for 6 months, and may be sent to:

River Valley Credit Union Personnel Department
PO Box 8366
N. Brattleboro, Vermont 05304
e-mail submitted resumes may be sent to: