Steve Adams named “Employee of the Quarter”

River Valley Credit Union has created a new designation for employee recognition known as the “Employee of the Quarter.” To earn this designation one must meet most or all of the following: Consistently performs high quality of work. – Performs extra duties beyond those normally assigned. – Demonstrates a willingness to work with others and assist whenever needed or requested. – Has a positive attitude. – Displays exceptional dependability. – Volunteers for and works on special projects, provides creative suggestions for working conditions. – Creates a positive work environment and enhances the image of the RVCU. The first recipient of the award is Steve Adams. In the words of Whitney Harrison, from the committee responsible for the award: “Steve Adams has been with River Valley Credit Union since December 2014 in our IT Dept. You may remember seeing him around at Kids’ Fair or at School Savings. Steve consistently goes above and beyond for the CU and it’s members. He is always positive and a laugh to be around. We are proud for Steve to be our first “Employee of the Quarter” for 1st Quarter 2019.”