There was a recent cell phone texting scam that asked recipients of a text message to call a number where they were asked for personal account information from another financial institution. Most financial institutions do not ask for personal account information via text, internet, or phone.

River Valley Credit Union does not solicit personal account information over text message, internet, or telephone unless they are verifying a transaction. These elaborate scams are getting more sophisticated with each passing year, and we want our members to know what they can do to avoid being taken in.

1. Do not respond to any kind of text, email, telephone, or internet request that you contact your financial institution. In River Valley’s case, we do not ask for personal financial information via any of these methods, however, some texts and emails are used to verify transactions.

2. If you are asked for personal financial information via any of the aforementioned methods, do not respond, and contact us immediately to let us know that you were contacted by someone asking for personal financial information. We can be reached at 802-254-4800, or at 1-800-728-5871, or via email at: