Using C.U. Online to transfer money to a different account

C.U. Online can be used to transfer to an external account. Once you set up the transfer account the first time, it will show up in your transfer list for all future transactions. To set up an external transfer account, you will need:

  • C.U. Online access to your own account.
  • The account number of the account you are transferring to.
  • The account holder’s last name.
  • The suffix of the account you are transferring into. (The one- or two-digit number that shows up at the end of the account number in the account list.)
  • Whether the account you are transferring into is a loan account, or a savings account.

How to set up transfers:

  1. Log on to C.U. Online into the account you are transferring FROM.
  2. Click on ‘Account Transfers’ on the left menu
  3. Click on ‘Enter Transfer’
  4. On the transfer page, click the link titled ‘Manage External Accounts’ (about halfway down on the page).
  5. On the next page, click ‘Create a new transfer account.’
  6. On the ‘Create Transfer Account’ page, enter:
  • Account Number (The account number you enter must be in a special format. See the bottom of this page for details.)*
  • Account type (for the account receiving the transfer) from the dropdown menu
  • Account Holder Last Name (for the account receiving the transfer)
  • Description (the name you will see in the transfer list. Can be almost anyting EXCEPT the account number)

Once the transfer account is set up, you will see it available on your ‘To Account’ list on the transfer page. (Note: You must first select a ‘From’ account before the available ‘To’ accounts show up in the transfer list.)


*The account number entered in the External Account setup page must be in the format #####-LSS where:

  • ##### is the account number
  • separates the account number from the account type
  • L is the account type (L=Loan or S=Savings)
  • SS = the one or two digit account ‘suffix’ of the remote account.


  • To transfer money into a loan type account with the suffix number 10 in account 123456, you would enter the account number 123456-L10.
  • To transfer into a savings account, suffix 3 on account number 24680, you would use the account number 24680-S3