Signing on to C.U. Online for the first time

The process for setting up your C.U. Online account is a bit more complicated than it was with the old system. This is the result of added security on the new system that was put in place to protect your account from hackers and ‘phishers.’ Before you begin, visit any branch of the credit union and ask for a C.U. Online Application. Once your application is received and processed, your online account will be activated.

The C.U. Online sign-up process involves several steps.

Page 1

On the first page you are asked for you user name.

Page 2

You are asked for your password. The passwords for the new system are NOT the same as the old C.U. Online. Contact any branch of the credit union for default password information.

Page 3

The next page allows you to select a passmark image. This images is shown to you every time you log on to prove to you that it is the real C.U. Online system you are connecting to. If a bogus hacker or phisher tries to duplicate our webpage in order to steal your account information, that site will not know which passmark image you selected and won’t be able to show it back to you. So when you see your passmark image during log on, you can be comfortable that you are connecting to our legitimate C.U. Online server.
Click on one of the pictures (use ‘Select an image category’ or the ‘next’ button to see more pictures) then click on ‘Continue’ at the bottom of the page.


Page 4

On the next page, you will be shown the passmark image you selected, then asked to type in a passmark phrase. Think of this phrase as a caption for the passmark image. It will be displayed under the image every time the passmark picture is shown as further proof that it is our server you are connecting to.
Next on this same page, you will be asked to select three challenge questions and their answers. For each of the three questions, you can select a question that is easy for you to remember then type in the answer. These, along with the password, will help us confirm that you are who you say you are when you log onto the system. (Once you get things set up on your home computer, you won’t be asked these questions often, but if you log on from a different computer you may see them pop up as an added safety measure.)
The last item on this page is Computer Registration. This is a way to tell the system if you are logging on from your home computer (so it remembers some of your settings) or if you are logging on from a public computer (so it will ask you a challenge question every time for extra security).
When done with this page, click ‘Next.’
The next page will show you your passmark image, your passmark phrase, and the questions and answers you selected for the challenge questions. After reviewing this, click ‘Finish.’ You will now be logged in to your account.

The next time you log in, now that things are set up:

Page 1 will ask for your user name (your account number).

Page 2 will show you your passmark image and passmark phrase. If these are correct, enter your password and click ‘Login.’

If you selected ‘This is a public computer’ during the setup, you will also be asked to answer one of the challenge questions.

Once you are logged into your account, you can change your password or change your passmark settings via one of the menus on the left.

IF things go wrong and you get locked out:

Call the credit union and request that your account be reset.

We can also change your password back to a default password (you will be asked for identification before we can do this) AND we can totally reset all the information you selected as part of the Passmark setup (image, passmark phrase, challenge questions) so you can go through the setup process again.