C.U. Online Features and Policies

Making River Valley Credit Union transactions with your home computer.

C.U. Online:

River Valley Credit Union’s C.U. Online home teller service  allows members to transfer funds within their own accounts or joint accounts.
  • 24-hour access to your account
  • Ability to print statements on your own accounts
  • Ability to view and print copies of your checks that have cleared…free!

C.U. Online Charges: All monthly charges for C.U. Online have been waived by the River Valley Board of Directors.

Please visit any River Valley Credit Union branch for a C.U. Online application form.

Bill Pay Features:

  • A bill paying service that clears through your checking account
  • No checks to mail out
You must have a share draft (checking) account at River Valley Credit Union.  Any member in good standing who is current on their loan(s) and has a good credit history with the credit union. A credit report may be required.
Share Draft Card Policies:
Because bill paying transactions are listed on your checking account statement, it is the intention of the credit union to apply all share draft (checking) account policies to your bill paying service. This includes overdraft charges, overdraft protection, etc. (See share draft policies.)
Member Responsibility:
It is the member’s responsibility to know if there are sufficient funds in their share draft (checking) account to cover bill paying transactions. An application for overdraft protection may be completed by the member. (See share draft policies.)
Bill payer transactions:
$15.00 per stop payment
Enroll in Bill Payer today, at www.rivercu.com