You’ve heard us say that money saved at River Valley Credit Union gets recycled in the form of loans…well, now is the time to take advantage of clearance prices on new cars with  “Recycled Money”  from River Valley. Getting your auto financing all lined up before you go car shopping gives you BIG advantages, too. 1. You’ll know exactly how much you can afford. 2. You’ll be able to deal from a position of strength, potentially saving even more money. See us about an auto loan today!

Notice from the Federal Reserve Bank

The Federal Reverse Bank Board of Governors have announced changes that will affect our share draft settlement. What does this mean to our members? Beginning on July 23, 2015 RVCU will be posting multiple share draft file settlements during the day. One early morning (after ACH deposits have been processed), one mid-day and one mid-afternoon. These changes are allowing for faster settlement times throughout the industry.

Mortgages, Home Equity Loans & Construction Loans

Our Mortgage Lending Department can do it all. Whether you want to build with a construction loan, buy an existing home, or do some renovations to your current home, we have the ways and the means to make it happen. Remember, you can also make out a mortgage application online at rivercu.com. In the Springfield area call Steve Duclos at 802-885-4565, and in the Brattleboro area call Eileen Fahey at 802-254-4800. Equal Housing Lender, NMLS # 475498.



Is your phone essential to your lifestyle? With mobile banking you can do all of your banking business from your phone, safely and FREE! For sign up instructions and details, go to rivercu.com/mobile and follow directions for mobile banking. Note: You will need to have access to River Valley’s online banking prior to loading the app.